Outside Play

Outside play

We have a lovely garden area which all aged children get to use at separate times of the day to run off their energy and to take in their surroundings of the environment around them.

Within our garden we have two areas, the tarmac area, where we have our bikes for large motor skills, a sand pit to encourage mark making and texture feelings, a pebbled construction area with diggers to help all areas of learning, a mud kitchen to ensure children can get messy!!!

Then we have our soft artificial grass area, this has our wooden house for role play, white boards for mark making and then all our balancing beams for large motor skills and concentration, balls and hoops for hand eye co-ordination, parachute and many more activities to play with.

We know physical play is so important for our children, which is why we ensure that we all get out in the garden play whatever the weather may be!!